These $12 Amazon Mermaid Leggings Are Literally Perfect For Halloween

Creative and crafty Halloween costumes are cool and all, but you know there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling your October 31st look straight from your own closet. Bonus points if it features stretchy fabric to accommodate all that candy consumption.

Yet there comes a point, rather unfortunately, where you just can’t justify wearing your pajamas to dress up as “Risky Business” for the third consecutive year. And so, you’re left starting at your clothes, willing a pair of leggings to magically transform into the comfy creation of your dreams.

Well thanks to the fine folks at Alaroo, you’re situation is about to get a whole let less spooky.

Coming in ~hot~ with over 1,040 positive reviews, these Shiny Scale Mermaid Leggings come in 15 different colors, including an iridescent rainbow situation that would seriously make Ariel herself swoon. She, like everyone else, would likely also lose it over the price, which goes as low as $11.89.

These high-waist leggings are made of a super stretchy combo of polyester and spandex that’s not only soft but also reinforced in certain areas (read: crotch) to ensure the bottoms remain rip-free no matter the movement.

Even with the amped up protection, these mermaid bottoms still boast A+ breathability—so much so, in fact, that many of the 5-star fans said they were pleasantly surprised by the leggings’ airy quality. Just take it from this Amazon reviewer: “The material is amazingly breathable, but does not become transparent on larger areas! I will be buying more!”

And, FYI, she’s not the only one who’s stocking up on these sparkly leggings.

So, yep, you’re totally dressing up as your favorite Disney character this year.

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