The Eating And Exercise Habits Brooke Hogan Swears By

If there’s a perfect word to describe Brooke Hogan on the day of our photo shoot, it’s ‘trooper’. The Sydney weather gods brought it all – ominous skies, torrential downpours – but, when the odd block of sunshine struck, there was Brooke working it like a true pro without a word of complaint. Not surprising, really. The 26-year-old, who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula (and counts Keep it Cleaner’s Steph Smith and Laura Henshaw among her mates), has been modelling since her teens – featuring on Australia’s Next Top Model and working with mega brands such as Bras N Things, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger.

We chat to the mega babe about all things health and fitness. 

Let’s talk workouts. What does your typical week look like?

I work out four to five days a week for about 30 to 50 minutes. It’s a mixture of high-intensity workouts and a lot of pilates. I really love pilates; it’s sort of like meditation for me – my time to refresh my mind, re-energise, switch off and put my focus on being in the moment. When I travel, I’ll maybe do a 10-minute workout in my hotel room to get my body moving; or a two-minute plank, a couple of push-ups and even just stretches. I try to take a skipping rope and also booty bands in my suitcase, which are super light and easy to transport.

What does exercise do for you?

I’ve always been really active. Even as a kid I was always playing basketball, I did lots of callisthenics and things. Not so much anymore, but definitely back in the day I was always outdoors and running and loved sports. Now, for my job, I need to focus on being active to keep in shape, but I use workouts more for my mind. If I’m feeling crappy, I’ll go for a run, or jump on a treadmill, or go outside. I always find if my body’s moving then my mind’s moving, and I just always feel so much better. 

Take us through your food day

I usually start with hot water and lemon, and then either porridge with berries and honey or avo on gluten-free toast. I’m not gluten intolerant [but avoiding it] just sits better for me. For lunch, a salad with fish or chicken – some sort of protein. Snacks throughout the day might be a green smoothie – spinach, kale, almond milk or coconut water, some frozen berries, banana, a little honey or some nuts. I love vegies, so dinner will have as many greens as I can get and then again some sort of protein. I have a pretty standard sort of diet – it’s things that make me feel good and energised. I love coffee, too. An almond milk latte is my go-to. 

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