Project Jamie: February update

Name Jamie Dormon
Age 31
Occupation IT consultant
Relationship Has a 16-month-old daughter, Isabella, with his partner
Goals To give up smoking and to train for climbing Mont Blanc in June

Firstly, I’m still smoking, and I need to stop!

I managed to give up for a couple of weeks after my second session with Monica, the hypnotherapist, but fell off the wagon after a friend’s birthday party. I saw Monica for a third and final time, and again stopped. Alas, this was short-lived, as I was back on the tabs within two weeks. During both stoppages, I also tried to use patches and a nicotine inhaler, to get through it.

I’m not sure hypnotism was for me, as I never lost the urge to smoke during that time, which I found extremely difficult. I’m still determined to beat this, however.

From an exercise point of view, this has been much better. I’ve been to five sessions with Chrissy at Virgin Active now, and have really enjoyed all of them. I’m feeling much fitter now, but still have a fair way to go.

There has been a gap for a few weeks, just recently. I pulled a muscle in my groin, so I gave it a rest for a week. I was then laid up with the flu for a few days which, although allowing me to lose weight, really took the wind out of my sails.

After recovering from the flu, I bought myself a bike and I now cycle to work every day, which is a 12-mile round trip. So although I’ve not made it to the gym for a couple of weeks, I’m getting more exercise than I’ve had in a long time. I need to get back in to the gym now, and I’m looking forward to working on exercises for the long walk ahead!

I’ve booked a walking trip to Scotland in May, where we will be looking to climb at least two Munros in the weekend. It should be perfect training for the walk on Mont Blanc.

At present, I’ve not booked the Mont Blanc trip. A friend’s son who lives in Chamonix is trying to obtain details on accommodation and climbs, while he’s out there for the next week or so. I’d like to combine it with a family break. I’m planning to fly out in early June, spend 5 days climbing Mont Blanc, then spend a week or two recuperating with the family in a chalet in the Chamonix area. It should be a perfect way to recuperate after the stresses of the climb.

Finally, I intend to do the climb for the Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases. My grandmother, Christina Byrne, who passed away in January aged 80, was a carrier of Hunter disease (MPS II) that caused three of her seven children to pass away as infants. The climb will be in her memory. I seem to have a lot of work to do to sort this all out. But I’m feeling confident about it.

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