Kate Beckinsale Just Dropped 3 New Bikini Photos, And Her Abs Look Sooo Toned

  • Kate Beckinsale just shared multiple bikini pics to Instagram, and her abs look amazing.
  • The 46-year-old actress works out six days a week to stay fit.
  • She regularly does circuit training, cardio, and lots of ab workouts.

So, apparently Kate Beckinsale had an epic Thanksgiving, because she just shared a bunch of bikini pics on Instagram like it’s nobody’s business. Oh, and her abs look insanely toned in every. single. one.

In the first pic posted on November 30, the 46-year-old actress is werking a leopard print bandeau top with white bottoms. “What makes us human? Having to confront our own mortality, questioning our origins through philosophy, religion and science. And the fact that if we wear white bikini bottoms we will ,within the hour, sit on a choc ice,” she hilariously wrote in the caption.


The bikini made another cameo in a later pic, which featured Kate lounging on a beach (looking amazing, naturally) next to her friend Jonathan Voluck, who is buried in the sand. “If Jonny tunnels 20 feet I let him have a popsicle,” she wrote.


The Widow star ended with two more photos—one of herself completely slaying it in that bikini, while wearing a slinky white robe over top, and another of herself and her friend hanging out at a spa together.


So…how does Kate stay so freakin’ fit at 46? Well, she works super hard for that body. The Underworld alum regularly shares pics and videos on Instagram of herself at the gym and, damn girl.

Recently, Kate shared a video of herself doing ridiculous upside down sit-ups like it was nothing. Apparently, that’s what happens when you work out as much as Kate does. Her trainer Gunnar Peterson told Us Weekly last year that Kate is pretty hardcore about exercise. “Kate is a six-day-a-week person,” he said. “She’s definitely up there among my hardest workers. I mean every single day is push, push, push.”


She also recently told Delish that she regularly does circuit training, cardio, and lots of ab workouts (um, yeah). She apparently looks at exercising as “nature’s antidepressant.” Kate must be feeling pretty good these days, then, because…wow.

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