How to burn more than 650 calories by doing this high-intensity class

When it comes to calorie-burning, there’s no need to spend hours a day trying to break a sweat.

If you’re looking for something quick and fun, here’s a workout that will make your weight loss journey fun.

STRONG by Zumba is a high-intensity class which could burn a whopping 650 or more calories in a one hour session.

We spoke to Ai Lee Syarief, the lead master trainer, who revealed everything about the workout.

“You could burn 650+ calories”

Ai Lee Syarief

She told Daily Star Online: “Dependent on your work rate, size, gender, fitness level and body composition, you could burn 650+ calories.

“The combination of plyometric fitness moves such as jump lunges, knee strikes and mountain climbers with strength training and muscle conditioning moves stimulates a higher caloric burn for the entire workout.

“Because of the intensity and the alternate bouts of intense activity and periods of active recovery (High Intensity Interval Training) STRONG by Zumba kicks the body after-burn mode, revving up your metabolism and burning calories for several hours after the workout has concluded.

“It makes STRONG by Zumba a very effective workout and it’s fantastic for improving overall cardiovascular fitness.”

Not only does it improve cardio, the workout can increase strength training and conditioning which can build lean muscle.

The workout can also be done at home if you purchase the STRONG by Zumba demo workout on the official website.

And there is also a body-zone targeted series “7 Minutes to STRONGER” available on YouTube.

Ai, who suggests two to three workouts a week, added: “However, STRONG by Zumba is designed as a group exercise programme.

“The group fitness experience succeeds through the creation of a sense of ‘team’ in the group, where individual motivation is enhanced through not wanting to let the ‘squad’ down.”

British professional boxer Nicola Adams recently took on the challenge and described Ai’s class as “absolutely amazing”.

In a YouTube clip, she said: “It was very different to what I’m used to but after a bit of practice it just all clicked into place.”

STRONG by Zumba is a one hour or 30-minute cardio and body weight training, high intensity class.

It combines martial arts, bootcamp-style elements and plyometrics with music synced to match every class move by top global music producers including Timbaland and Steve Aoki.

To find a STRONG by Zumba class near you, visit the website.

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