How Sport helps with heart schwche

Dr. Sandri, frühere hieß it, a weak heart müsse to conserve. Today, the opposite is true. Why?

Only in the frühen 90-years of scientific studies that exercise helps a weak heart very well. In the meantime, the k&ouml is;physical Training is a cornerstone of therapy. Prior to that, hieß it is, in fact, for a long time, Insuffi­ciency-patients should be sparing and even routine work.

Sports can stress the heart?

Yes, but this Stress is not negative, but is good for the heart. The symptoms of failure are reduced, patients müshoot less often to the hospital. This increases the Lebensqualität enormous.

So, all cardiac patients m&ouml to;as possible immediately on the road?

No, the wäre wrong. Before the Patient runs, mühave to be adjusted to the medicines, and the disease should be under control, that is to say stable. Also, the Training must be tailored specifically to the patient. The heißt, the tädaily movement needs to be properly dosed. This is because below the prescribed dose of sports brings little. On the other hand, a &Uuml can;overload worsen the condition of the patient.

What is the ideal Training?

It consists of three components: endurance and strength training plus Koordinationsüexercises. It is important that the Patient zunäfirst of all, with his heart doctor and this makes a performance test. This is a normal EKG, with the Patient sitting on the Ergometer and loaded. So gepr&uuml is;ft, how well the köphysical resilience is, and how strong the heart disease affects the circulatory system. On the Basis of the data of the doctor created the individual training plan.

How often patients should do sports?

The load should be slow to start and at least 15 to 20 minutes, so that höa maximum of 60 to 70 percent of the maximum load to be achieved. Initially, a sport therapist or a doctor. I recommend to train several days per week. Often there – as is the case with all of us – however, the inner pig-dog in the way.

What helps against the pig-dog?

Motivation is always a Problem in the Sport. But the patients müshot be aware that Bewe­settlement an essential part of the therapy &ndash is; just as important as the medication. Who is active, spürt improved and remains voluntarily tuned.

How verämovement changes the heart?

The pumping performance is improved, the body can relax better. But the effects of the training relate to not only the heart but the whole body. Through Sport, the resting heart rate, the Blut&shy drops;­gefäße be elastic.

What sport is taboo?

Swimming, at least für beginners. The pressure of the water on the Köbody can worsen the symptoms. The Best wäre, a heart sports group to join.