Chris Hemsworth Is Sharing His Latest Thor Workout Plan

While many celebrities are eager to pull back the curtains behind the scenes of their training and workout regimens (thankfully for the sake of our Train Like… series), few are as forthcoming as Chris Hemsworth. The Thor star has spun out a whole business based around his physical fitness and wellness practices with his Centr app—and now, that platform is offering the closest thing to a one-to-one approximation of the actor’s actual workout plan since launching in 2019.

The Centr Power program promises to replicate the same protocols Hemsworth’s team, including its architect, trainer Luke Zocchi, used to prep the actor for his latest appearance as the MCU’s Asgardian hero in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. The workout footage, which features Hemsworth’s longtime stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, was actually shot on location while the sequel was being filmed.

The progressive 10-week plan uses a full gym’s worth of equipment and is split into three phases, each three weeks long, with one deload week “to prevent plateaus,” according to the Centr team. The program also features nutrition handbooks at every level, which should be of equal importance to the workouts for anyone actually looking to build muscle.

Unsurprisingly, Hemsworth and company have promoted the new plan with gratuitous videos of their muscle-crushing workouts on Instagram. For major Marvel fans, these clips also give a good look at the actor’s physique ahead of the next Thor film’s projected 2022 release.

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While you likely don’t have access to all of the assets Hemsworth has at his disposal, this program offers fans a chance to take the same physical challenge the actor does. You might not get as swole as Thor, but you can train like the actor who brings the God of Thunder to life.

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