Unexpected reason for longevity

Scientists from the Brigham Women’s Hospital have concluded that eating carbohydrates can contribute to longevity, as this makes the body better prepared for a collision with infections. About the amazing discovery of scientific experts writes Business Insider.
“The dosage consumption of carbohydrates can significantly expand the body’s capabilities: tissues are strengthened in it, and cells are better mobilized to fight diseases apothekegenerika.de,” the researchers came to this conclusion after a series of clinical studies on several types of nutrition.
The researchers organized a large-scale study of medical data of more than 447 thousand people. The data obtained here show that for the normal functioning of the human body, the presence in the diet of a large amount of natural carbohydrates is necessary. In particular, the best sources of them were fruits (even specifically, bananas and apples). Experts note that the use of products with a high level of natural carbohydrates is often not recommended due to the content of sugars. However, scientists insist: a certain amount of natural sugars is vital for the body for regular cell renewal.