Snoring can double the risk of developing dangerous diseases.

Scientists say that snoring can double the risk of developing joint inflammation and gout.
Researchers at Kiel University concluded that the presence of obstructive sleep apnea in people often causes gout. In general, sleep apnea relaxes the soft tissues of the throat, due to his fault the airways are blocked for a while.
Scientists believe that because of this, a person has an active production of uric acid. Everyone knows that gout is a joint disease that occurs because of problems with uric acid salts. Because of these deposits, inflammation occurs and the person feels pain.
The experts conducted a study in which 15 879 people with apnea and 63 296 healthy people took part. During the observation period, 4.9% of the subjects from the first group developed gout, while in the second group, only 2.6% of volunteers overtook this ailment. In total, apnea caused the risk of gout by 42%. Scientists believe that if you treat apnea, the risk of gout will decrease.