Kate Hudson's Daughter Rani Rose Is Growing Up Fast! 15 of the Toddler's Cutest Moments

Bath Time Buds


Hudson and Rani sported matching hairdos for bath time in March 2021.

“Soakin’ it up! 🛁❤️,” Hudson captioned the adorable shot of the pair smiling big from beyond the bubbles. 

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All Dressed Up

On International Women’s Day 2021, Hudson shared a snap from the Golden Globes. In it, the actress and Rani are all dressed up and holding hands. 

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Don’t Mess With Rani

Hudson posted an adorable home video of the toddler enjoying ice cream before bed. Things took a turn for the hilarious when the actress reached for the spoon to take a bite, and Rani gave her mom a confused look before struggling with her over the spoon. 

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Old Soul

The toddler showed off her dance moves (and her love for Al Green) in an adorable video posted by Hudson. In the video, Rani and her musician dad Danny Fujikawa danced along to an Al Green record as Hudson filmed. 

“Rani grooving 🎶 #shedigsvinyl ✨,” Kate wrote in the caption of the vintage-filtered video. 

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Lots of Love

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Rani spread love and laughter as she played with some bubbles and giggled all the while. 

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Brush It Off

In an adorable video posted to Instagram, Rani sang about oral hygiene, telling her mom, “It’s very important to brush my teeth.” 

Hudson captioned the video, “Rani has a very important message for toddlers this AM ☀️ She also clearly has the family gene of making up songs for EVERYTHING 💃.”

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Morning Madness

The pair rocked out over their breakfast in January 2021, bopping around while Hudson sang, “I love my eggs, what do you love?” 

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Laugh Out Loud

Comedic timing runs in the family! In a video posted in January 2021, the pair wore matching pajamas while Hudson asked Rani, “Rani, what do you think is funny?” She then encouraged her, “Show me your sour face — it’s so funny.” 

She captioned the video, “Parenting goal number one: make sure they’re funny ✅.” 

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Meditating with Mama

“Meditating with my girl,” Hudson captioned a photo of Rani napping on top of her. “She made it a good 10 seconds,” she added, joking, “Sunday milestone 😉 ☀️.” 

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She’s Got Her Back

Rani had the best seat in the house while walking through the neighborhood with her mom in December 2020 and admiring the Christmas lights. 

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So Excited

Rani Rose already has quite the adorable personality. The toddler laughed and jumped up and down in a video posted by mom, telling her parents, “I’m so excited!” 

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Case of the Mondays

We’ve all been there, Rani. In September 2020, Rani and her mom had a case of the Mondays. 

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Breathe It Out

Rani joined her mom for a quick meditative “om.” The toddler sat in her mom’s lap, criss-cross for a few seconds before getting up and exclaiming, “Okay!” 

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Sing Along

On National Daughters Day, Hudson serenaded her little girl as she helped to accompany her on the piano. “I look forward to many more jam sessions with my piano/singing partner,” Hudson wrote of Rani. 

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Little Yogi

“Morning yoga with my little monkey 🐒💕,” Hudson captioned a video on Instagram of her attempting to do some yoga as Rani assisted. 

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