You Can Buy a Sauce Holder That Will Let You Dip Chicken Nuggets While You Drive

Some days you just can’t resist stopping at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Whether you’re out running errands or on a road trip, it’s always a nice treat to pick up your favorite meal, some fries, and, of course, a few dipping sauces to round out the meal. The issue is always that it’s hard to take full advantage of your ranch or barbecue when you have your hands on the wheel—that is, until now.

As usual, some geniuses on TikTok shared an Amazon purchase that is sure to change the fast food game. Saucemoto clips are handy clips that can be secured onto your car’s air conditioning and heating vents and are perfectly shaped to fit a fast food dipping sauce. Any place that uses those small rectangular containers will likely work, and you can fit them into the Saucemoto clip for quick dipping access while you drive.

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You absolutely need these in your car, ya know, for the next time you “accidentally” end up at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. Thankfully, the handy gadget is available on Amazon in packs of two, four, six, and 10. The pack of two is just $10.90 right now and is on sale from its usual price for Prime members. FWIW, the Saucemoto clips were seen on Shark Tank and have a solid 4.5-star average from over 3,900 Amazon reviews so people seem to really love it. You’ll never have to eat a dry McNugget while driving again…what’s not to love?

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