With a bit of cheating to slim line?

Once a week, strict diet plan to break out: With the so-called “Cheat Day” to reward people for the hard discipline, the keep for six days in the week. The Sündentag is then allowed everything – at least when it comes to food.

The principle behind it is simple: anyone, Who’s avoiding for six days, fats and carbohydrates, must eat on the seventh day, times really. Instead of Lettuce and spinach that ends up on the table, which was for six days, consumed. No matter whether it is fats butter cream cake, frozen pizza or chocolate croissants. And in the case of a small sin, it is not usually remains: Everything is allowed, what it wants to in the stomach and fits.

And so you can lose Kilos? If you look around in the social media, one gets very quickly this impression. They were looking for after the Cheat Day, appear in countless images of toned people in front of tables with incredible quantities of food photography. With radiant faces they claim to be able to all of this on your Cheat Day without the guilt of eating – sometimes 4000 or 5000 calories. This is twice as much as the body of the day takes about.

Against the weight-loss standstill?

“The so-called Cheat Day is not a new invention, but a well-known concept from the high-performance sport,” explains Ökotrophologe Günter Wagner from the German Institute for sports nutrition in Bad Nauheim. This Schlemmertag have actually positive effects on the metabolism and the Psyche – however, this applies only for fit people.

“A Schlemmertag motivated the otherwise strict dietary rules to follow and brings the metabolism in travel,” explains Wagner. The pattern of what did, in fact, the Cheat Day is not a low calorie or carbohydrate amount, and often a weight – loss standstill for a result. However, Wagner stresses that “This gourmet day will not work well for athletes only if you stuff yourself indiscriminately, but here and there a little treat, what not normally.”

Or is it complete nonsense?

Also the nutritionist and book author Sven-David Müller from Fürstenwalde on the Spree, holds the weekly immoderate consumption of alcohol, especially for untrained people for nonsense. “It is, as you would be heavily in debt, but would say once a week: I don’t care, today I’m going shopping anyway so not right.” Losing you in any case.

Hans Hauner from the Institute for nutritional medicine, Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich warns of the Cheat Day. “Of course, a Schlemmertag sound like an attractive concept,” he says. “The body can actually deal with the masses of food and processing, device but this in unnecessary Stress.”

Such Overload with fats, carbohydrates, additives and sugar can leave the blood sugar levels rise sharply, says Hauner. Moreover, it needed to be directed to digestion a lot of blood in the digestive tract, which is missing elsewhere. “The result is that we feel dull and not powerful,” says Hauner. Also, it can quickly lead to blockages. He advises mainly Obese, diabetic patients and people with metabolic diseases of the “Fresstag”.

Eating disorder instead of enjoyment

And not only physical dangers, but also mental, says Marina Lommel, a nutritionist and owner of the digital diet advice food punk from Munich. “When people starve themselves during the week, and strictly on fats and carbohydrates, there is the danger that they overdo it on the Cheat Day completely and literally stuff.” This could also lead to a disturbed eating behavior.

To prevent this, should not be deleted, however, the Cheat Day will also make sure that you completely from the weekly plan. “It is important not only that you can live out him extremely, but as a day at the little sins get in,” says Lommel. “When the piece of cake or Portion of chips allows himself time, that’s not bad at all.” Many help as a break, in fact, the otherwise so disciplined days better through this.

The right amount find

Nutrition expert Müller argues, in particular, to eat on all days of the week caloric to. “It would be Ideal to treat yourself every day with a bar of chocolate, when you can generally just give up bad on it,” he says. The flexor cravings-attacks.

But Müller knows how many people exactly hard to and how often, then, the whole pack in the stomach disappears. “If you are prone to this behavior, it can taste actually, with a moderate Cheat Day,” he says.

Also Ökotrophologe Wagner is not advocating to make the self-imposed Essregeln to strictly. “Any Diet is more successful, the more allowed exceptions there are,” he says. “We prohibit too much for us, we want to right it, only first.”