Tiffany Haddish Dips Her Pickles In the Most Unusual Food & We're Not Sure It's Even Legal

Tiffany Haddish thrives on the unexpected — if you’ve ever heard her comedy, you know that’s true. There’s a lot you might not know about the Kids Say the Darndest Things host’s life, and that includes some of the wacky food combos she eats during the day. Not that our breakfasts of dry Cap’N Crunch with a side of spirulina smoothie are *normal* or anything, but some of Haddish’s favorite snacks definitely piqued our curiosity.

Now, a lot of what Haddish eats is the same super-healthy fare a lot of celebrities stick to. She likes to snack on dried apricots and almonds and keeps the snack mix in her car for when she gets hungry on-the-go. She also likes making a cucumber and tomato salad that’s seasoned with apple cider vinegar, Lawry’s seasoning salt, garlic salt, and black pepper, and when she drinks she sticks to relatively low-cal vodka.

She also eats a lot of lean proteins, from red snapper when she’s craving fish, to leftover chicken in the mornings when she doesn’t have anything on hand for breakfast – washed down with some green juice made with produce from her own garden.

But she doesn’t just stick to the basics.

One of her favorite snacks is a riff on the southern favorite Kool-Aid pickles. She’ll bite the end off of a pickle, then stuff the soft inside with a peppermint candy or something fruity, like a Jolly Rancher. Other times, she’ll keep things simple and just dip her pickles right in Kool-Aid powder. Yeah, you read that right! Is this even legal?! I mean, of course, it is but wowza. We’ll take your word for it, Tiffany.

Another favorite snack? Her version of a walking taco. Haddish fills a bag of Doritos with some Fritos, chili, cheese, and jalapeños to make a totally to-die-for savory snack.

While we can’t say we’re exactly eager to try the star’s pickle tricks, we just might need to go out and buy some Doritos so we can try her walking tacos ASAP!

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