The critical minutes to overcome

Enjoyable to eat weight to keepThe critical minutes to overcome

LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE has developed a nine-week pleasure Coaching you can learn to eat for pleasure and to keep your weight. This is the seventh part. The other parts can be found here.

The desire for something Sweet or Salty between meals, can be unbearably strong. Many people complain that they have the almost addicts Require in the handle. The reason for this neuro-psychological mechanisms are often: sugar consumption leads to happiness be poured out hormones such as dopamine and endorphins. To other Snacks, the brain gets used often also with the time and reacts according to them.

But so strong is the Demand in the Moment may be, It disappears quickly. Often it holds two to three minutes. Who lurches through this time, “across”, has done it already and will find, moreover, that the Request is on the next day, or the next Situation so much.

So the question is: How to get through the critical minutes?

The American psychologist Susan Albers has written several books on mindful eating, advises in such situations, to simply do something else Nice and Satisfying. What it could be, it has, however, often not necessarily of Europe. Therefore, it is helpful to consider some Alternatives. Now the following Exercise:

Cheat sheet of beautiful things

You take paper and pen and write down ten things you like to do or like to like and have nothing to do with food. It can be a Hobby, a Sport, Wellness at home or in the Spa, music, a Meeting or phone call with friends, visit the neighbours, a certain object that means something to you, a TV series, a subject such as “the old Roman” or “cars”. Write the list down. Now two steps to follow.

1. Locate these points and deal this week for an hour – just like that. She leaves a book about the by what you are interested in, treat yourself to a Yoga session at home, go in the Sauna, or take a walk in the woods, on the phone to you in detail with a friend or a girlfriend.

2. Select with a view on the list of things you like to do in five points, you instantly can make when the cravings come: do you Want to do a relaxation exercise, a friend a call, take a bath, a button sewing on or an episode of your favorite series to watch? Create an emergency list with Alternatives. It often seems in the first Moment artificially, when you start go to the candy Cabinet with a yoga practice – the Crucial thing is that you hunger to get over over the few minutes hot. You can vary your behaviour, try what works. But you begin at once, if you notice that the hits you cravings. The importance of the Snackens is smaller.

Important: Hobbies, friends, interests, sports, culture or crafts, make people a “good feeling”. Who is very fixated on food, and tends to emotional eating with frustration, Anger, or sadness, has often simply forget that there are other ways to feel happy and satisfied. Who but a bit of a think about it, many of the activities or topics which make also pleasure. They cultivate a few of such interests and activities – stabilize the project, to enjoy wonderful food and at the same time in a healthy level.

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