The best fruit for hypertensive

This fruit, appearing on the shelves in mid-autumn, has the ability to stabilize blood pressure, scientists say. But its use is recommended not only for hypertensive patients – this product helps to maintain immunity and not succumb to depression, but also to look better.
Scientists have stated that with cardiovascular pathologies, persimmon is indispensable. It contains substances (for example, vitamins P and C), which heals the condition of vascular tissues, strengthens blood vessels and helps stabilize blood pressure, as well as provide prevention of atherosclerosis.
Also, persimmon is useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases due to the fact that its fruits contain so good for the cores of potassium and magnesium.
“Magnesium in the composition of persimmon relaxes muscles and activates the elimination of unnecessary cholesterol from the vessels. Persimmon is one of the first in the amount of magnesium,” the health workers said.
Persimmon, in particular, they are advised to use for people suffering from angina. Its fruits strengthen the heart muscle and promote, thanks to magnesium and potassium, a more active supply of oxygen to the heart. Another effect of persimmon – to prevent the proliferation of the walls of the heart in hypertension.
In addition, persimmon gives a diuretic effect. In this case, not only the fruit is useful, but also the juice from the product. Iron in its composition fights with the development of anemia. For people suffering from anemia, experts recommend drinking a glass of persimmon juice and either eating two fruits a day.