Scott Mills weight loss: BBC Radio 1 DJ unveils incredible weight loss transformation

Scott Mills, 45, is an English radio DJ, television presenter and occasional actor.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ has struggled with his weight for most of his life.

But after seeing a photo of himself lounging on the beach over Christmas, Scott decided to start his weight loss journey.

Now the DJ has lost an incredible 3st in only 25 weeks – so how did he do it?

“I’ve always been quite big”

Scott Mills

He said: “I’ve always been quite big. I was a fairly chubby teenager then into my early twenties.

“Then I started running and lost quite a lot of weight. Then it just gradually piled on.”

When Scott returned to the UK after a trip to Australia for the festive season, he was “kind of horrified” by the beach photos.

Scott added: “Because I was doing regular exercise and gymming maybe two or three times a week, I thought that would be enough.

“But then I saw these pictures, I thought ‘that’s not enough’. I needed something much more drastic and intense and I like to set myself challenges and take myself out of my comfort zone, and that’s definitely what I did.”

Scott also claims that his increased body confidence has helped him to perform better at work.

And his training has helped him to build a stronger, more focused and determined mindset.

He revealed: “I think a lot of people will look at transformation gym websites and be scared, and initially I was that person.

“Coming here, sometimes you feel a bit weak or you can’t be bothered when maybe you’ve been doing an early morning shift, but I walk out here fired up and ready to go.”

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