Risk of injury! Sausage manufacturer recalls Salami

The Fratzscher meat and sausages GmbH, homemade Salami in the art, information about the recall of the article “the gut with the blue Clip”.

As the company informs, there is a risk of injury by metallic foreign body, and plastic foreign bodies. The product warning is reported”.the eu”.

The sale of the goods took place from the 25.10.2019 exclusively in Thuringia, in the main operation in Schleusingen and in the stores in Suhl and ice rink.

Product: homemade Salami in the artificial casing with a blue Clip
Packing unit: 350g
Date of production: 22.10.2019
Sale from 25.10.2019
Los-label: blue Clip

Unfortunately, it is not known whether the affected sausage is labelled or not.

We recommend the return of the product concerned in the respective sale.