Jack's Abby's Citra Brau Goes Heavy on Hops in a Weird, Delicious Way

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Name: Citra Brau
Brewer: Jack’s Abby, Framingham, MA
Style: Dry Hopped Citra Lager
ABV: 5.5%

When you drink an American lager, you’re not expecting any surprises. Yuengling, Narragansett, Pabst—these are the beer equivalent of watching Seinfeld reruns: familiar yet still enjoyable.

So then here comes Jack’s Abby and they take a traditional lager and upend the hop-malt balance by turbocharging their version with Citra Hops, a dramatic and potent varietal. Basically, that’s like Omar from The Wire walking into Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. You’d be tweaked out if that happened, naturally, but you would watch that freaking episode.

One slug of Citra Brau and you’ll know what I’m talking about. “Oh, this tastes like a typical lager” AND WHAMO suddenly you’re somewhere else, compelled to continue the journey because you’re wondering what else might come next—in beer and in life.

Pairs Well With: the first weeks of spring, boredom, Friday after a loooooong week, Seinfeld

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