Ex-star chef settles: “The Germans are suffering from a collective eating disorder”

Fast, cheap, efficient – so food has to be today. Terribly, the former star chef, and the country of the host, Franz Keller. In an interview with FOCUS Online, he speaks of the impact of mass animal husbandry and the insanity that is the meat of tortured animals of the bovine species to sell as an expensive luxury product keyword: Kobe Beef.

A pound of pork steak in the supermarket for under two euros. Behind such a low price, a poorly paid country is usually a host. And a pig that has been reared in appalling conditions and slaughtered.

“A disaster,” says chef and the country of Franz Keller host the Trend to produce meat as efficiently as possible, quickly and cheaply. The consequences: mass animal husbandry will always be barbaric, the soils with manure, heavily contaminated, the drinking water is contaminated, insects and birds die, because in the Fields only mono-crops to grow and the weedkiller glyphosate is raging.

Star chef award voluntarily again

Franz Keller throws with such theses not only to himself, he knows exactly what he is talking about. For more than fifty years, the now 68-Year-old with a healthy diet. His path led him, as he himself describes it – “high up in the culinary stars in the sky, and back again to the fertile ground on my falcons in the Wispertal”.

In 1979, the basement received as a chef his first Michelin star, eleven years later, the second. A life-long dream for most in his industry. However, for Keller the star kitchen places too much value on appearances: the right ambience, exquisite tableware, “the whole fuss”. The quality of the food games as only a subordinate role, laments he.

It tastes like the successful restaurant owner . After several years in the elite world of the star chefs in the cellar, its two stars on a voluntary basis, to withdraw to a small farm. He wants to produce the meat for his guests, in the future, even to its own high standards.

Keeps his cattle, and pigs, now

“I had to be a farmer, to find the perfect pleasure,” he says, looking back. The basement starts with ten cattle. Today, around 50 cattle, 30 pigs, a few rabbits and chickens on his farm. The animals are out on pasture, have enough space to move, the pigs will not cut off the tails and you will be operated three Times as old as in most of the Mass.

“He who eats meat, should love animals,” says Keller, and adds for all of the Vegans and vegetarians: eat meat and animal love, the from close. As Keller grew up. Already as a small Boy, he played with the rabbit of the grandparents, he killed himself later with a rabbit punch, and under the supervision of grandma exclude “allowed”. That was for him always a matter of course. Anja Jahn Franz Keller

Animal welfare serve not only the Conscience, but also of good quality, of which Keller is convinced. Long has it been demonstrated that such long transport distances to the slaughterhouse, put the animals such Stress that including the condition of the meat suffers. An exemplary Grazing was “totally for the ass,” says Keller, if at the end of the transport stress, the quality will be ruined.

Unawareness or ignorance when buying Meat?

But the customer wants to know mostly nothing, when he stands in front of the supermarket shelf, and after the cheapest product searches. He did not imagine in the domestic pan or on the Grill, but as the tortured creatures in one of the many mass farms where about geese of machine-pressed balls made of milk, bread, and ground Corn in the neck to get stuffed, in order to speed up your intake of food.

In the premises of rule permanently bright light, describes Franz Keller, in order not to disturb the sleep-Wake cycle of animals. So a foie Gras. The animal was probably never in his life on a Meadow and has probably eaten no Halm of Grass.

The truth behind expensive Kobe Beef

Particularly sickening is when animal suffering is also advertised as a particularly luxurious and extremely expensive sold. The most expensive meat in the world is the Kobe Beef for up to 600 euros per Kilo. It is marbled nicely because the cows are massaged every day, in symphonies by Mozart listen to and get beer instead of water to drink, so the myth.

Keller disagrees: “anyone Who thinks this is a beautiful fairy tale, has of meat a little idea and want to keep it, apparently.” Ultimately, the Kobe meat production is rather comparable with the production of foie Gras. The cattle are constantly stuffed with food. Excess fat is then in the Form of fine Capillaries to the muscle meat – so the marbling comes about.

“The critters have certainly no or hardly any movement, and can eat all day and eat”, writes Keller.

A few slaughterhouses, subsidised mass production

Kobe Beef comes from Japan. In America, cattle are fattened, in part, with Popcorn, that must not be digested – so you can eat more in less time. And in Germany? Here too, Keller eyed the animal attitude is critical: We have only a few centralized slaughterhouses, which are getting bigger and bigger. The animals are transported, quickly dispatched. You put in Stress.

Another Problem is that In German agriculture, especially the mass will not subsidise production, but quality. Of animal husbandry alone in the cellar, can’t live with that, although it requires approximately 40 percent more for its meat products as the average price on the market.

Money in his cash register to bring in front of all the guests he hosted on his falcons, and the 25 km distant Restaurant, which leads, in the meantime, his son. Here are famous personalities came already: In October 2007, dined with Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin in the eagle economy.

Rare, but conscious consume

We suffer from a “collective eating disorder”, referred to the cellar, the Situation in German kitchens. On the applicants land more and more industrially produced ready-made meals instead of freshly cooked food. The person should be aware that it consists of what he takes daily and nowadays, a lot of “empty food”.

A piece of meat from an animal that was poorly nourished, does not deliver the same amount of vitamins and minerals as a meat of an animal from species-appropriate husbandry. The principle also applies to other products, such as for a salad that has been treated with artificial fertiliser, compared with a natural salad.

From the consumer’s cellar, the flesh wants less to eat but more conscious. Healthy vegetables should be the main food, humanely raised meat, the Supplement.