Every third Apple juice is deficient

Half Apple juice, half water: Apple juice is probably in no other country is as popular as in Germany. Many manufacturers offer the drink already mixed. Stiftung Warentest has analyzed in the current issue of the 24 products and their taste rating as well as the aroma content, the chemical quality, packaging and the manufacturer’s information tested. The result: Not a single cut in the overall rating of “very good”.

In six Apple juice, the manufacturer must be used, spritzers, according to chemical analysis on the part of the rotten Apples or the fruit is not carefully processed. The juice was especially the case in spritzers from directly. The non-alcoholic Apple spritzers from Dennree and Ostmost many metabolic contained, according to the testers of the products of micro-organisms such as yeast. The testers rated, therefore, unsatisfactory. A health hazard does not exist, however. In none of the spritzers germs were detected.

Not a good manufacturing practice

The testers criticised that a number of juice contained spritzers from concentrate to little flavors. Several manufacturers to put the spritzers although expensive “natural Apple flavor” – but only in small amounts. That juice concentrate natural flavor is added, it is normal and even mandatory. Otherwise, the manufacturer may not sell your product as a juice.

Two Bioschorlen of Aldi also contained a lot of Methanol. It arises when the Apples are going to give during the pressing of enzymes to increase juice yield. A high methanol content is not hazardous to the health, the testers, but for no good manufacturing practice.

The winner of the test costs 39 cents per litre

The best Wiegart Apple juice from Aldi Nord. With a 39 cents per litre, she was one of spritzers in addition to the best-studied Apple. The best stars for the taste, got the Bioschorle food out of juice. The has its price. The juice costs around three euros per litre.

At worst, the testers rated the spritzers of Ostmost, Dennree, rhönsprudel, Rewe Yes, Penny, the Lift and the Real Tip Apple juice.

The testers had to report, despite all the criticism, even Positive. So found in none of the drinks pollutants. In addition, all spritzers passed to at least 50 percent juice, the sugar was not of the products.

However, Apple juice spritzers, by nature, contain a lot of sugar. A glass of Apple juice contains more grams of sugar than Cola, stressed the Stiftung Warentest. Finished Apple juice spritzers in the cut on at least 28 grams of sugar per half-Liter. The world health organization (WHO) recommends to consume per day to a maximum of 25 grams of sugar.