Aldi Is Selling Chocolate-Stuffed Waffles, So Goodbye to All Self-Control

Need something to go along with those premixed $9 bottles of Pineapple Mimosa and Mango Mimosa that Aldi has on shelves? These chocolate-stuffed waffles round out the ultimate brunch.

The authentic Belgian waffles come from Specially Selected, an Aldi brand. There are plenty of options under the label, including dinners like garlic butter sauce mussels and desserts like mini eclairs. But I’m going to just say that these stuffed waffles are the greatest of them all.

The award-winning waffles, as indicated on the packaging, come in chocolate-filled and cherry-filled versions. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell that there was something inside, but imagine cutting open a warm waffle to find chocolate oozing out. It’s almost NSFW to even talk about.

You can get a pack of four stuffed frozen Belgian waffles at Aldi for $3.99 for a limited time beginning on June 26, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. If there were ever a reason to eat breakfast for every meal, this is it.

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