8 Healthy Spritzers You'll Want to Sip All Summer Long

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to enjoy sparkling seasonal drinks if you haven’t already. As someone who could easily sip several liters of seltzer in one day, I do love a bubbly beverage. While it may not be the healthiest thing in the world to drink, it’s definitely better for you than sugary soda, plus the carbonation just seems to quench my thirst better than regular water.

Anyway, if, like me, you’re looking to up your seltzer game, summer is the perfect time to do it. Whether you’re cutting some white wine with sparkling water, or opting for an alcohol-free refreshing treat, there are many variations on the classic spritzer you’re going to want to try. Here are six of our favorites:

Rosé spritzer

Of course, we had to kick this list off with a summery rosé spritzer. With just 5 ingredients and no added sugar, this fruity drink will be the hit of all your summer bashes.

Strawberry lime spritzer

What’s more summery than strawberries and limes? You can make these with or without vodka, making them an especially versatile and refreshing option.

Red wine berry spritzer

The basis of this spritzer is red wine and mixed berry-flavored seltzer, but fresh berries are a nice touch. We’ll happily raise our glasses to this sparkling beverage!

Cucumber basil spritzers

This delicious spritzer is basically a garden in a glass! The original recipe calls for adding sugar, but you can definitely leave that out. And feel free to add your favorite liquor, if you’re so inclined.

Blackberry, mint & cucumber gun spritzer

You’ll have to tweak this recipe slightly if you want to make it totally healthy, but it’s summer and we say you should indulge yourself a little. It calls for a simple syrup and gin but you can swap the syrup for honey or stevia and leave out the gin if you’d prefer a mocktail. The blackberry, mint and cucumber combo is enough flavor all on its own.

Watermelon lime spritzer

If the last drink was a garden in a glass, this is summer in a glass. Make use of that giant watermelon that’s taking up space in your fridge by making this snazzy spritzer. As always, alcohol is optional.

Fruity white wine spritzer


This one is a variation on a classic, combining white wine, seltzer, fresh fruit and a twist of lime. You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen, so you might as well make one now.

Lemon ginger spritzer with fresh mint

If you’re a fan of mojitos, you’ll love these zingy lemon and ginger spritzers. Part of the recipe involves making a ginger simple syrup, which sounds like it would be great in all sorts of other beverages too (sweet ginger iced tea, anyone?).

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