Lush Just Announced That This Fan Favorite Is Finally a Permanent Product

If you're one of those Lush fans who stocks up on limited-edition Rose Jam Shower Gel when the holidays roll around, you're definitely not alone. The rose-meets-lemon scent makes it a favorite among Lushies, who have long wondered why such a beloved product is not unlimited-edition. But today, a collective wish came true: Lush has announced that Rose Jam is now a permanent part of the brand's shower gel collection.

"The rumors are true," the Lush Cosmetics North America Instagram account posted in a caption on Saturday alongside a vibrant photo of the product surrounded by rose petals, lemon wedges, and vanilla beans (another note in the enchanting scent). "Rose Jam Shower Gel is officially part of our permanent collection! Savor the scent of rose, lemon and vanilla 365 days a year. Online and in shops now."

Needless to say, the response from Lush's followers has been nothing short of pure, unadulterated elation. The Instagram replies have been full of the written equivalent of jumping for joy, with comments like:

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So yeah, it's safe to say people really love this body wash. Perhaps it's the scent, perhaps it's the skin-softening combination of goji berry juice and argan oil, perhaps it's because it played hard-to-get for so long. But no matter the reason, we wouldn't be surprised if one (or all) of Rose Jam Shower Gel's three sizes — ranging from $9 to $30 — sells out pretty quickly. If you want in on the pandemonium, you can snag a bottle now (and forever) at

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