Food: What experts recommend currently

Ernäintroduction scientists today other Ratschläge as frü. Increasingly rücover, for example, carbohydrates in the focus. What you should know

Fish on the table! Ernämonetary experts recommend to häto eat often fat sea fish

Fat makes you fat, so lässt, what sermons food experts for decades. To be sick and tired, should to consume rather plenty of carbohydrates. But now a trend is starting to turn. She finds herself in the "10 Regeln" the German society für Ernäcurrency (DGE). In the Following we give the main content of this künewly geämodified recommendations. 

Deleted about the Council, plenty of cereal products and potatoes was consumed. Also, the advice "low in fat and high fat Lebensmittel" entfällt. In the new rules, less the amounts of Nährstoffen as their Qualität says a spokeswoman. Essentially hält the DGE so far, however, the fact that carbohydrates should form the main part of the food. Under certain conditions, könne, you will vary but. 

Sugar and other carbohydrates as the cause of Ümountain guy?

In the United States, however, a scientist has Committee of the zustäcomplete Behörde recommended k&uuml, ;in the future, no upper limit is more für the tädaily intake of dietary fats to be shown. Instead, more and more sugar and other carbohydrates are the focus. Carbohydrate-Rich Weißflour products such as noodles or Weißbread columns in the gut quickly to sugar.

Then, the same as the direct intake of sugar happens: The Bauchspeicheldrüse schüfrom ttet the hormone Insulin. It not only helps the cells, the sugar from the blood. It is also the fat inhibits removal. And it führt, the Hunger again soon zurückkehrt. Therefore, many experts hold sugar and carbohydrates für a major cause of the rampant Suffering Üthe mountain-weight and type-2 Diabetes.

Healthy fats reduce the risk für heart attack and stroke

The previous grease spell is womöeven offset ungüfavorable: He köf&uuml could do this;do that people consume less of the healthy fats. The change of Opinion is a study from Spain fired with üabout 7000 participants. The researchers recommended either a tädaily extra dose of Olivenöl or a Ration Nüsse, a third group stuck to the traditional carbohydrate-rich foods.

Result: the participants of The Olivenöl -, and nut group suffered within füfive years, 30 percent less heart attacks and Schlaganfälle. In addition, föpromote sugars and rapidly degradable carbohydrates stämore the emergence of a fatty liver, says Professor Norbert Stefan, diabetologist from Tübingen. A fatty liver is häoften a precursor of Diabetes and heart disease.

"A step in the right Richtung", Dr. John Scholl, Pr&auml says;President of the German Academy für Prämedecine at to the new rules. He hägew&uuml tte but;want to get the DGE attracts a more pronounced turn, and in people with Diabetes or precursors thereof, the Beschrälimitation of carbohydrates stästronger emphasized.

The current nutrition tips

You eat a lot of Gemüse

Eat plenty of fruits and even more Gemüse and Hülsenfrükilled – whether as a salad or cooked. This reduces the risk für heart and Gefäßdiseases – and prevents Ümountain weight, because these foods with relatively few calories sättigen. Go ömore often the varieties, a möas großto use variety. 

Access to whole-grain products

Wäyou miss carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta and rice the whole grain variant. You enthält a lot of healthy Nähr and ballast substances and sättigt läViking. Avoid möas possible products from Weißflour. It is suspected that the risk für Üthe mountain-weight and Diabetes, especially to erhöhen and heart and Gefäßdiseases föpromote. 

You eat a lot of fish and little red meat

Meat supplies the Köthe body with iron and the main source is für Vitamin B12. But red meat from pork, beef, veal or sheep, it should not be more than one to two servings of wöChen knowingly be – Heart and Gefäßs for the sake. Better wäre instead, häto eat often fat sea fish: It is rich in the valuable Omega-3-Fettsäuren. 

Dairy Products: Wäyou miss whole milk

Milk and milk products contain plenty of Eiweiße, B-vitamins and calcium. They are therefore a valuable Ernäcurrency part, as long as you are not consumed by the liter, or too abundant, are sweetened.

It should be full of milk wächoose low-fat yogurt to avoid. Also Butter is better than its reputation – especially if you came from grazing animals

Avoid Processed Food

Many manufactured foods of the can of pineapple up to the Tiefkühlpizza are often große quantities of sugar, fat or salt is added. It is best so, a lot of self-prepared from fresh ingredients. Süßstrengths are not taboo, they should not only be a habit. A healthy Treat on the other hand are unsalted Nüsse in Maßen. 

You can use canola or Olivenöl

Use for Frying and für the salad dressing with healthy fats like canola or Olivenöl. The also häcommonly used fats Sonnenblumenöl, or coconut oil are much ungüa convenient set. Cooking, frying and baking food only so long as nötig – and there should be nothing to burn. 

Replace salt by Gewücoming soon

Use salt sparingly. Instead, use the colorful diversity of international Gewücoming soon and Kräuter as a flavoring agent.

They drink mainly water

It is best to drink water. Für healthy people is 1.5 liters a day is a good Maßrod. They avoid largely in sodas, Colagetränke or FruchtsäRTD – even if the sugar through Süßsubstances is replaced.

Genießyou food aware

Do not eat on the side, about in front of the TV. Genießthe food aware of, and take the time dafür. So spüthey are also better when you are sick and tired of

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