Video: 15-Minute Total-Body Workout With Dumbbells From Trainer Kara Liotta

This 15-minute total-body workout is part of trainer Kara Liotta’s fun and effective Power Sculpt program on the All Out Studio app. Women’s Health+ members get 50 percent off an All Out Studio membership for 12 months using code WHSTRONG50.

Let’s be real: You don’t have time to do a full 30-minute workout all the time. Heck, even a 20-minute sweat session can be tough to squeeze in.

But 15 minutes? You can manage that. And your valuable time certainly won’t be wasted with this 15-minute total-body dumbbell workout from Women’s Health trainer Kara Liotta.

Requiring just one set of two-pound weights and another set of five-pound weights, Liotta will take you through a total-body burn in less time than you probably spent scrolling through Instagram yesterday. Don’t have dumbbells? All the moves can be done without. “Bodyweight is plenty!” Liotta says.

After a quickie warmup, you’ll transition into some core work on your mat, followed by a series of moves targeting the muscles in your back.

Next up: your legs. Prepare to squat and pulse until your lower-half is feeling the burn. “Know that you can get rid of one or both weights,” Liotta says as things get intense.

Of course, your workout wouldn’t be complete with a killer arms segment to round things out. Let’s just say your shoulders will be feeling this one tomorrow.

Ready to sweat? The entire workout is available outside of the app only to Women’s Health+ members:

Women’s Health+ members who subscribe to the All Out Studio app get a cool exclusive deal: 50 percent off the monthly price of an All/Out Studio subscription for 12 months. Just make sure you use the promo code WHSTRONG50.

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