Red or green? So cigarette smoke worsens see your color Video

Smoking is associated with a long list of risk diseases. Also, the effects on color vision recently. Researchers examined in a new study, heavy smokers can be poor to distinguish between colors than non-smokers.

Smoking affects color vision. This is reported by researchers of Rutgers University in New Jersey in a small study. Chain smokers can have gradations, therefore color less differentiated perceive as non-Smoking. The researchers compared data from 71 subjects who had smoked in your life, until then, cigarettes, with 63 participants, the spent more per day than a pack of cigarettes.

To test your color vision, should distinguish the subjects of the color shades and contrast levels, which were shown on a screen.

The result: The heavy smokers showed Blue-Yellow and Red-Green visual impairments. This bug Affected is not longer able to distinguish transparency of the colors as clearly as normal-sighted. In addition, the smokers were able to recognize the overall poor color gradations. How exactly cigarettes see the color influence, have not clarified the researchers. You suspect, however, that Smoking blood vessels and damaging nerve cells in the retina.