Bodybuilders will inject life-threatening Oil mixture, muscles inflate optically

Valdir Segato is a tough guy. Not only visually: The Brazilian is working hard as a construction worker and rackert every day. And his life was never easy, as he himself reported. Today, however, he has made it to Internet fame brought, but with funds which will be evaluated by Doctors as life-threatening and Segato puts his health at risk.

As a young man growing up in poor circumstances, started Valdir, to take as many of his friends, drugs. “I started to lose weight because you eat nothing, you are leading a false life.” He got the nickname “Skinny Dog” – emaciated puppy. As he was getting weaker and more unhealthy, term Segato, finally, that it was not so on. He changed his life from one day to the other completely, let the fingers of drugs and threw himself to the Sport. Every day he went to the fitness center. He was lifting Weights and built muscle mass.

The muscle training is what saved his life

From “Skinny Dog” was over the months and years, so “the Hulk”. Valdir Segato is now in his mid fifties, and is addressed because of its impressive stature is often on the road. However, the ball is round, not tight muscles, which he carries today for a walk, come exclusively from Bodybuilding. After years of weightlifting Segato noted namely, that you can’t exceed a certain amount of muscle mass with hard training when the body is not made for it.

One thing was clear to him After his drugs past, he did not want to resort to anabolics and co., as did many of his Acquaintances in the fitness center. Bigger muscles wish of the Brazilians, but still. And so he grabbed him a friend one day offered the apparent solution to his Problem: A compound called Synthol.

Synthol injected directly into the muscle to this optically inflate. It is a purely cosmetic thing and does not make you stronger the muscle is not growing, but is filled only with Oil. Because Oil is the main component of the dangerous mix: Mostly sesame oil is mixed with the painkiller lidocaine and alcohol (for disinfection). And Yes, this is just as dangerous as it sounds.

His doctor warned him against Amputation

Although bodybuilders deal with Synthol the dangers of anabolic steroids and testosterone, it other but. And not threaten less dangerous: nerve damage, pulmonary embolism, occlusion of the pulmonary artery, heart attack, stroke, and infectious complications. Valdir Segato know. His doctor told him frankly that he risked amputation, if he continues in this way. However, the Bodybuilder whose biceps is now almost 58 inches tall, you don’t want to stop anyway. “I want that he will be even bigger,” he says.

Source: Daily Mail / Instagram