Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day Cup Line Has Hit Stores and It Includes the Famous Matte Black Tumbler

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of heart-shaped chocolate hitting shelves and all Christmas candy getting put on clearance. Because the rest of January is kind of a bummer, the world is skipping ahead to Valentine’s Day, and, yes, the world includes Starbucks. The chain released its line of Valentine’s Day cups in many locations today and it truly has something for everyone.

These cups have been popping up on Instagram for days but today seems to be the official launch date for the collection. First up is an adorable purple classic Starbucks cup made for hot drinks. It features a kiss print on the side, which changes color to a light pink when you add hot liquid (see in the video below!).

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You can also pick up a pack of color-changing hot cups in Valentine’s Day designs. Some other notable items are the return of the studded matte black tumbler that first made an appearance in fall 2019. You can also find it in a red color, which was available during the earlier winter holidays, and even a similar cup in a beautiful lilac color (though that one doesn’t seem to be studded). All three are perfect for cold drinks and will match any seasonal look perfectly.

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If you’re looking for things a bit more explicitly Valentine’s Day, there appears to be plenty of glittery pink hot and cold tumblers with heart designs, as well as a red mug with a pink heart and a pink mug with romantic red designs on it. Cute!

No matter what you’re searching for, this is a good time to remind you that merch will vary GREATLY by location, so it’s best to keep an eye out during your coffee run leading up to Valentine’s Day (pick up the new Pistachio Latte while you’re there!). You never know what you might spy!

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