The Instant Boba Tea That Costco Shoppers Love Is Now Available at Aldi

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Chances are, you’re the friend that is obsessed with boba tea. No shame in it, it’s delicious, customizable, and pretty addicting. However, the one con about boba is that we have to go to a shop out of our way to grab one drink to last us the day — until now. Calling boba lovers everywhere, now is our time to both rejoice and drink all the boba we can get our mitts on. One of our favorite Instagram pages just alerted us to a new product at Aldi that’ll quench our ongoing boba cravings.

Back on May 5, @aldi.mademedoit posted a photo of an Instant Boba Pack that’s now at Aldi stores! They captioned the post saying, “Wait whatttttt!!! BOBA you can make at home that even includes the straws!! Yess I can’t wait to try these 😍.”

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Commenters quickly said things like “This is really good !” and “Run do not walk” in the comment section. And so we’re running to our Aldi store for the Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack in Brown Sugar flavor.

The Boba Bam Instant Boba Pack is a vegan and nut-free instant drink that can help you make delicious boba tea in 60 seconds. Coming in a 12-pack (including the straws), this is a steal at only $14 that’s now available on Aldi and Costco.

Typically taking around 30 minutes, this lets you achieve deliciousness in a minute, simply by putting it in the microwave or on a stovetop. For the microwave, you place the packet into a cup and into the microwave for up to a minute. Add a cup of ice, milk alternative, and stir everything together in your cup! For the stovetop, it’s basically the same thing, but all you have to do is boil the boba packet for up to five minutes.

If you’re not near an Aldi, no worries! You can snag another brown sugar instant boba pack from Amazon from the brand 3:15 pm.

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