Taco Bell’s New Pineapple Freeze Is Gonna Be Your New Favorite Tropical Drink

Just as we finished sipping the new Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze from Taco Bell, there’s already another new icy beverage that we need to try. The Pineapple Freeze has hit the fast food spot to bring the fruity flavor we all crave in summer.

When you combine a frozen drink with pineapple flavor, there’s no way that you won’t feel like you’re on vacation. If you’re lucky, your location will have the green dome lid that looks like the crown of a real pineapple.

“No need to even look at the calendar, the first official day of summer is whenever the Pineapple Freeze decides it is,” the description says. “We’re not even quite sure how this freeze is so cold — it’s like sunshine in freeze form.”

The tropical sip is available at participating locations for a limited time, and comes in regular ($2.49) and large ($2.69) sizes. So take that as your cue to get to Taco Bell sooner rather than later.

Last summer, Taco Bell welcomed the Cherry Sunset Freeze, which combined cherry and pineapple. So if you had a chance to try that one, you can see how you like it compared to the all-pineapple version.

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