Mum shows off incredible flexibility with mind-boggling leg split during gym workout

Anna Kanyuk, an Instagram influencer and founder of gym studio chain Topstretching, uploaded the clip to social media only days ago.

In the clip, the mum-of-one begins by sitting on a stretching machine in her brand’s Moscow gym.

While sporting hot pants, she leans back and pulls her right leg to a 240-degree angle.

Anna, who gave birth only 10 months ago, lunges backwards multiple times while holding her ankle.

She then theatrically sits back up.

A small chihuahua – wearing a pink padded jacket – stands beside her while watching on.

Since posting the clip for her 560,000 followers to see, some 450,000 people have flooded in to view the clip.

Scores of people have commented how impressed they are with the new mum’s abilities.

One person said: “This is just unreal. You are super.”

Another person said: “Wow, I admire you.”

And only days ago, a 22-year-old’s mum went viral on Facebook after being mistaken for his girlfriend.

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