King Charles & Queen Camilla Have Chosen Their Signature Dish for Their Coronation & Martha Stewart Just Shared the Recipe

The coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla is just a few weeks away and all the details are being finalized, including what will be served at the lavish royal meal (dubbed the Coronation Big Lunch) following the event. One of the menu items is “coronation quiche,” and Martha Stewart just shared how to make it at home if you’re planning on celebrating alongside the new king and queen.

“King Charles and Queen Camilla have given us a glimpse into the menu for their coronation, which will take place in just over two weeks,” the caption of an April 19 post on Stewart’s official Instagram page reads. “The dish, personally chosen by the royal duo, comes with a fitting title: coronation quiche. The meatless dish is packed with spring vegetables and will be served during the Coronation Big Lunch, which is part of the weekend’s festivities taking place from May 6 to May 8.”

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The Royal Family even tweeted out that the coronation quiche will be the main star of the Coronation Big Lunch, and included a video showing just how chefs will prepare it.

The quiche first starts with a base of pastry dough. No doubt the real thing will be made with homemade dough, but Stewart says you can use store-bought dough, as well. First, roll the dough out so it’s smooth and then place it into a tin.

The dough is then pricked with a fork and baked for about 15 minutes while lined with dry beans so that it keeps its shape. While the dough is baking, you can prepare your filling. The Royal Family will be eating a quiche filled with spinach, fava beans, and cheddar cheese, but you can get creative with your own quiche. Mushrooms and asparagus would be a fun addition, or you can make your quiche meaty with bacon or sausage.

Then, top the layers of veggie filling in the crust with a whipped egg and milk mixture and bake. Finally, cut the quiche into even pie-shaped sections and you’re ready to eat!

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According to Stewart’s website, the quiche will be eaten cold alongside a green salad and boiled potatoes. Simple, filling, and incredibly delicious. You can also check out Stewart’s website for an herbaceous version of this quiche that is perfect for dill lovers.

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