Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

It’s really important to start the day off with a healthy and filling meal to avoid feeling lethargic later on in the day. It can also help prevent you craving sugary treats later at 3pm.

Whether you feel like something savoury or sweet, this list of recipes has you covered.

Corn And Ricotta Fritters With Avocado Salsa

These healthy fritters are diabetic friendly and perfect for ANY meal!

Get the recipe here.

Italian Turkey Zucchini Boats

Turkey is not only low in fat but it is packed with lots of protein and nutrients.

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Banana And Blueberry Pancake Stack With Lemon-Maple Butter

What could be better on a weekend than indulging in a stack of delicious pancakes?

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Healthy Blueberry & Apple Bircher Muesli

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Spicy Frittata Muffins

These savoury, high-protein muffins, packed with veggies, are great as a grab-as-you-run-out-the-door breakfast or lunch-box treat.

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Happiness Smoothie Recipe: Kalette and Frozen Berries

This is the colourful health kick you should try in the morning!

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Chia Seed Pudding With Raspberry & Lime Coulis

This is one of those incredible recipes that you can get ready the night before, making your breakfast quick, simple and, most of all, delicious! 

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Double Chocolate Brownie Smoothie Bowl

The cacao powder will get your brain buzzing and give you that lovely chocolate hit you’re after in the healthiest way. In fact, chocolate contains the same chemicals that we release when we fall in love, so maybe that’s why we love it so much! 

Get the recipe here.

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