Behold, the Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Show of hands if you’ve been eyeing the Halloween candy section of Target and forcing yourself to hold off until at least Oct. 1 to begin stocking up. Yeah, us, too. But in case you didn’t realize it, that day is tomorrow, and I may or may not be sitting at my desk daydreaming about setting out bowls brimming with pumpkin candy corn (don’t you dare judge me) and tossing a bag of Reese’s pumpkins in the freezer. And apparently I’m alone in my love of candy corn and Reese’s here in Arizona, because according to’s “Most Popular Halloween Candy by State” ranking, Arizona’s is Hot Tamales, and I’m about to throw my laptop out the office window.

After gathering 12 years of data for its 2019 report, published its interactive map and ranking last week. And this report has some real eye-openers. Apparently, New York and Indiana’s favorite Halloween candy is also Hot Tamales; Arizona loves it so much, a staggering 750,000-plus pounds of Hot Tamales have been purchased in the state.

Four states get it right, though — Texas, North Carolina, Kansas and Oregon — with their candy of choice being Reese’s. Texas purchases the most Reese’s Cups: more than 1 million pounds!

And then there’s Montana up north and Oklahoma down south apparently chomping down on Dubble Bubble Gum. Are you guys OK? And as for possibly the most polarizing Halloween candy, candy corn, the states of Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Iowa are all about it.

On a more unsurprising note, America’s top 10 Halloween candy are ranked as follows:

Take a look at’s interactive map, and see if you agree with your state’s No. 1 Halloween candy.

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