Sex: the new sex position improves your Fitness

The “69” is one of the most well-known sex positions. The new variation of the classic variant is not yet widely used, although less, but in American media, is currently causing a stir. The speech is of “69”.

From an Online survey of Americans and Europeans, the variation of the “69” as the most complicated sex position. This is not surprising, because this Position will challenge your physical Fitness.

New sex position: how it works “69 Standing up”

The position works, as the Name suggests, in the same way as the typical “69” – however, in the Stand. The man lays down first on the bed and places the feet on the ground.

Then the woman, as in the case of the 69-position, on your Partner. Her head is thus directed to his limbs.

The man rises slowly from the bed, while he wraps around his partner. This holds, in turn, to him, putting her legs around the neck of the man and and with the hands on his back.

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For safety, the man should stand with his back to the bed then you fall soft, if you can’t keep the standing Position. During the execution you should pay attention to your body tension.

The position requires Exercise, but can improve your agility, Balance and Fitness. To whom the position is too strenuous, you can always Dodge to the classic variant.

Julia Are

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