Jennifer Garner Just Shared a New Healthy Frozen Treat & It Will Be Your Kid's Favorite Snack This Summer

If you’re always on the lookout for a tasty summer snack that isn’t ice cream, then Jennifer Garner has got you covered. She shared a video of herself making Frozen Yogurt Bark using the recipe from Catherine McCord of Weelicious, and this stuff looks even better than the treats you get from a frozen yogurt or ice cream shop.

“Frozen Yogurt Bark! Idea from @weelicious—with a little @onceuponafarm addition,” Garner captioned her June 20 video. “It’s a perfect summer treat! Yum, now I want more.”

And what’s even more perfect is that it comes together in just a few minutes. The hard part is waiting for it to freeze.

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To make Frozen Yogurt Bark, you spread your family’s favorite yogurt onto a parchment paper-lined baking tray. You can mix in honey or jam to make it a bit more flavorful. And, if you can, use Greek yogurt to get a much more spreadable mixture rather than just a puddle of plain yogurt.

Then, choose your toppings. Garner used her Once Upon A Farm squeezable smoothie blends into a grid shape and then filled each square with different toppings including blueberries, granola, marshmallows, and coconut. But you can pick any toppings that sound appealing — nuts, candy, fruit, berries, you name it, it can go on this bark.

Then, just pop the tray into the freezer and let the yogurt freeze overnight. By morning, you’ll have breakable bark that can be eaten at breakfast, after lunch, or as an after-dinner dessert!

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The best part is that you know exactly what has gone into this sweet treat so you can feel great about eating it. Grab the full recipe from the Weelicious website here!

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